Meal Prep Service

Meals are delivered weekly right to your door!

Meals are keto-based which means meat and veggies! (We can also customize your meals to meat and rice, etc if you’re into that).  Pork allergy? We can accommodate you! Just ask!

We DO use dairy in limited amounts and we try to avoid using soy as much as possible.  Sometimes there is some sugar (for example, in BBQ sauce), but we make every effort to keep the sugar content low.

What’s Included

Food: 10 meals for the week.

Menu: The menu changes weekly, and you will receive 8 different meals and 2 meals that repeat-to total 10 meals.  Meals come individually portioned in plastic containers that are yours to keep or recycle. Meals are numbered and the menu is posted on our facebook page each Sunday evening so you know what you’re eating

Delivery: We deliver to your door on Sunday evenings.  We WILL need the delivery bag and ice pack back-but we will pick them up on the following Sunday when we deliver your next week’s meals.  You don’t even need to be home-just let us know where to leave your meals.  Delivery typically occurs between 6:00-7:00 pm.  We currently deliver to Mahoning and Columbiana County at this time.


Weekly Meal Prep Payment Option

Option 1: $105 per week, billed on Monday, payments due no later than Friday

Option 2: $100 per week for auto-debit, payments occur on Wednesday

a $10 delivery fee is included in the above price.

Monthly Meal Prep Payment Option*

Option 1: $380 per month, billed on the 25th and due no later than the 1st.

Option 2: $360 per month, billed on the 25th and automatically debited on the 1st.

Delivery is FREE when you pay by the month!

*months with 5 weeks will be billed an additional $90/95 for that week’s food.

Prorating Available! If you start after the first week of the month and want to pay monthly, we will prorate you at $90/week for the remaining weeks of the year.

Other meal prep options

Add-On Meals

Need more than 10 meals per week? Additional meals can be added to your order for $9 each (when purchasing a minimum of 10 meals per week)

Smaller Meal Packages

Need only 5 meals each week? or 7? We do that, too

Single Meals: $11.00 each (plus $10 delivery fee)

5 meals/$55, each additional meal over 5 (but less than 10) is $10.00 each (plus $10 delivery fee)

Group Discounts

Are you a gym owner? A leader of an organization that would benefit from this service? Group rates are available and offered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more info!

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